🙋‍♂️ Introduction

  • Hello! I am an AI Research Engineer working at Narnialabs with Prof. Namwoo Kang. Before joining the company, I was a research member at CVLAB with Prof. Seungryong Kim and VIVE STUDIOS. My research focuses on Generative AI that can produce various types of content (Image / Video / 3D) and its applications. Recently, my research focus has been intensely drawn to the manufacturing generative AI especially in generating Computer-Aided Designs (CAD) and automated sequence planning for assembly.

💻 Work Experience

  • AI Researcher at Narnialabs (2024 ~ Present)
  • AI Researcher at Korea University (2023 ~ 2024)
  • AI Research Engineer at VIVE STUDIOS (2022 ~ 2023)

🎓 Education

  • M.S. in Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (2020 ~ 2022)
    • Cognition & Intelligence Lab
  • B.S. in Sejong University (2014 ~ 2020)
    • Major in Computer Engineering

✍ Publications

  • Hybrid Video Diffusion Models with 2D Triplane and 3D Wavelet Representation
    • Kihong Kim, Haneol Lee, Jihye Park, Seyeon Kim, Kwanghee Lee, Seungryong Kim, Jaejun Yoo
    • [Project Page] [ArXiv]
  • DiffFace: Diffusion-based Face Swapping with Facial Guidance
    • Kihong Kim, Yunho Kim*, Seokju Cho, Junyoung Seo, Jisu Nam, Kychul Lee, Seungryong Kim, KwangHee Lee
    • [Project Page] [ArXiv]

📄 Skills

  • Programming Language and Deep Learning framework
    • Strong : Python, Pytorch
    • Knowledgeable : C, C++
  • Graphics Tools
    • Blender
  • DevOps
    • Git, Docker, Vim